Fees Structure

Fees for pre nursery


A. School Fee on Admission Rs.
Registration Charges (Prospectus) 200
Admission Fee 6000
Management fund 500
Caution Money 1000
Fee Charged Annually
Medical Fee 100
Books/stationary charges 1600
Assignments NIL
Maintenance NIL
Scholarship Fund NIL
Activity Fee(Half  yearly) 1500
Multimedia/Smart/Virtual Classrooms 500
Fee Charged Monthly
1. Tuition Fee (Per Month)
Class :  Pre Nursery 1100
II. Bus Fee (Per Month)
Upto 8 Kilometers As applicable

Note: If fee is not paid before last date of payment, late fee of Rs.50 will be charged upto 7 days after due date. Thereafter late fee of Rs.20 per day will be charged. If fee is not paid for one month after the due date, name of the student will be struck off the rolls.